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Hi, I'm Maren from Serendipity

I'd like to tell you something more about me, because I think, that makes working together not only more fun, but also leads to better success. It is much more helpful for my work to get to know you better in order to get the best out of you. Recently, I am now on my own feet and would like to combine my passion for photography with my job as a graphic designer. I'll hope we have a great start!


Where the name comes from

A lot of people asking me every time what 'Serendipity' means to me and why I choose this name for my business. So here is the story:
With a happy coincidence everything started. A few years ago I decided to take a little trip to Asia. At the gate to Myanmar I met the only European guy at the airport of Kuala Lumpur. Actually, we would not have met at this time, but then our destiny has played well in our hands. Because he entered the country for the second time due to missing documents and I had decided to extend the time of my previous location and travel to Myanmar 1 week later than actually planned. It soon became clear that we would spend the next few weeks exploring the country together. From then on, our relationship has continued to develop, so 1 1/2 years later I have packed my bags again and moved from Germany to wonderful Ireland, where he is living. And now you got the idea, where the name "Serendipity" came about.


I am Maren. I am actually from the North of Germany,

I moved to Düsseldorf for 8 years and since March 2019 I came

over to Ireland and live in a pretty nest in Straffan.

There I live together with the sweetest dog in the world: Balu.

Oh, and my boyfriend - he has also found some space.

I am a Graphic & Webdesign, specialist in Wedding Stationery since my best friend got married where with I have found my passion to create Stationery with lots of love.


Beside these I also fall in love with those nice things:
Family & Friends, the Sea, Ice cream, Milka Chocolate, Strawberries, Italian Cuisine, Baking & Cooking, Wine, Summer, Sunsets, Flowers, Travel, Log Fire, Photography, Decoration, Walks, Series, Couch, Bags, Car Drives

Reflexion der Mönche, die eine hölzerne

If I may go with you in small or big steps.

If you want to know more or have suggestions and questions.

I look forward to your messages.

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